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Welcome to Andi!

Andi founded in 1990, is a privated enterprise of manufacturing working gloves, major products are Nitrile, Nature 
Latex, Neoprene and PU coated gloves etc. In 2007, Andi production site was removed from Wuxi to Nantong, the 
workshop enlarged to be 10,000 m2. 
Andi concentrate on developing various rubber dipped working gloves. In the past years, Andi continuously improve 
production technology, equipments and quality control management system.
Andi concerns the quality with top priority, all Andi products are approved and certified according to CE standard.
Andi runs all efforts on satisfying clients and endusers with consistent quality and reasonable prices. 
Andi's main values are quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health, our objective being 
a balanced satisfaction of the expectations and desires of our customers, empolyees and the society.

Enjoy life with safety, let us professionally do it for you.

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