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Effect Pigment >>Introduction >>Application

P series pearlescent pigment is widely processed in coating, plastic, ink, cosmetic, etc. owing to the excellent chemical and physical properties, the details are as follows:

1. Coating Industry
P series pearlescent pigment almost can be mixed with all synthetic resin, performs excellent comparability with either polarity or non-polarity solvent and resin. It can be fully dispersed in solvent base and waterborne system. It is available to be used alone or mixed with transparent pigment, cause the coating effect to be profound feeling and outstanding decorative. It's widely used in vehicles paint, construction coating, furniture coating, powder coating and for surface coating of decoration, commodity, toy, stationery, leather, packing container, fabric, etc.
P series pearlescent pigment is specified as metallic luster effect inorganic pigment and classified as nontoxic, nonpoisonous inorganic pigment without heavy metal contents. So both itself and the production process can meet the more and more strict requirements on environment protection. Meanwhile, as the electric insulator, it can prevent fire caused by spark during static spray processing of powder coating. So it is available to be used as coating material of toy, food package, etc.

2. Plastic Industry
P series pearlescent pigment, owing to excellent high heat resistance, meets all kinds of plastics processing temperature requirement and no color change problem, such like injection, blowing, masterbatch(extrusion), etc.
It has good compatibility with transparent or opaque resin, usually the higher transparent resin will obtain the better pearlescent and metallic luster. The main application is cosmetic and food case, film, commodity, button, toy, floorboard, panel, electronics and other plastic products.

3. Ink industry
Due to excellent solvent and water resistance, P series pearlescent pigment can meet the demands of various ink systems, such as gravure ink, offset ink, flexo ink, surface printing, screen printing, etc. It's mainly used for printing of magazine, advertisement, packaging, book, wallpaper, label, film, etc. With excellent decorative performance, it can make various printing products more natural, vivid and performs wonderful pearlescent metallic luster.

4. Cosmetic
P series pearlescent pigment is widely used in cosmetic - nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, ect, owing to innocuous property and colorful effect.

The above expatiation about P series pearlescent pigment is on the basis of our current knowledge. We do not guarantee the final effect in practical application, since we cannot control the producing or processing techniques from customers.
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