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Effect Pigment >>Introduction >>Application Instruction

1. P series pearlescent pigment is better to blend with transparent pigment or dyestuff, don't recommend to mix with opaque dispersion pigments such as Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Chrome Pigment, Cadmium pigment and so on.

2. P series pearlescent pigments cannot be dispersed by high-speed shearing machine, such as ball-grinding machine, sand-milling machine, three-rolling machine, etc. Otherwise, the crystal particle will be destroyed and lower the pearlescent effect will be.

3. “BIE” - Background Imaging Effect, art imagining emerge from changing grounding colors.

4. P series pearlescent pigment is the translucent material, the only way to improve hiding ability is by choosing smaller particle size items, do not increase dosage only.

5. P series pearlescent pigment can be mixed with proper Carbon Black and Ultramarine to obtain better pearlescent effect by strengthened reflecting light.

The above expatiation about P series pearlescent pigment is on the basis of our current knowledge. We do not guarantee the final effect in practical application, since we cannot control the producing or processing techniques from customers.
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