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Effect Pigment >>Introduction >>Product System

P-1000 Series (Silver White Series)
As the most common product which consists of mica flakes coated with anatase or rutile Titanium Dioxide , appears various glossy and sparkling silver colors. When mix with transparent pigment or dyestuff, it appears not only color of pigment but also presents luster. When blend with Carbon Black - full light absorbed pigment with high hiding ability, cause the reflecting luster is even strengthened and appears silver-gray metallic. It also can be used with aluminum paste to obtain white and bright silver effect.

P-2000 Series (Interference Rainbow Series)
With the similar constitution of P-1000 series, the reflecting light interferes selectively, due to the Titanium Dioxide layer is thick and uniform. From a certain visual angle, some certain color light is strengthened but the complementary color light is disappeared. So P-2000 series has the characteristic of change color.
Due to the dual color effect, the background color should be taken into consideration when matching colors. For one type of P series pearlescent pigment on different groundings will probably make the color of finished products completely different.
It should be noted that mutual complementary colors of these pearlescent pigments cannot be used together, for example, the mixture of P-2005 (pearlescent gold) and P-2025 (pearlescent blue) will create dull gray color. But for the close colors, it'll bring addition effect, such like the mixture of P-2035 (pearlescent green) and P-2005 (pearlescent gold) will create yellowish green, P-2035 (pearlescent green) and P-2025 (pearlescent blue) will present Bluish green.

P-3000 Series (Golden Series)
Consists of ferric oxide and mica flakes coated with Titanium Dioxide . Compared with copper gold powder, it has much transparence, glossy luster and third dimension function. Furthermore, it can be mixed with each other, especially when a special golden color is needed, through accurate blending proportion control to attain the best effect.

P-4000 Series (Colored Series)
Based on P-1000 series, by directly depositing and absorbing pigment. It gives dual colors effect, which means silver white reflecting color appears at reflecting angle and absorbed color appears at side-glance and dispersion angle.

P-5000 Series (Metallic Series)
Made from mica flakes coated by ferric oxide. It has warm metallic luster, stronger hiding ability and stable chemical & physical performance, different colors will be created by accurately control coat thickness of Iron Oxide.

The above expatiation about P series pearlescent pigment is on the basis of our current knowledge. We do not guarantee the final effect in practical application, since we cannot control the producing or processing techniques from customers.
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