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Effect Pigment >>Luminescent Pigment >>Introduction

HG series luminescent pigment is one self-luminescent material, which absorbs and stores light energy when exposed in natural or artificial light, then emits visible light in the darkness. Its self-life is unlimited cycle.
HG series luminescent pigment do not contain any radio-element and free of poisonous, to be used as one kind additive, which is able to be well dispersed into transparent mediums, e.g. coating, ink, plastic, textile printing paste, ceramic, glass, fiber ect., these finish products will present self-luminescent effect and special brightness.
1. Shorten light storing period, high brightness, lasting growing-up, colorful
2. Outstanding steady physical and chemical properties, excellent compatibility and long life
3. Non-poisonous,harmlessness. radio-element free, non-flammable, heavy metal content free
4. Fine particle gives easy dispersing and processing
5. Presents exciting stability at -60℃ to 600℃
Application and dossage:
Solvent base ink/ paint                  5-30% (thickness 20um)  
Plastic injection/ extrusion           5-15% (thickness 0.2cm)
Avoid moisture during processing
Avoid direct contact with metals
Avoid friction at high temperatures.

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