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Ming Hui is a chemical corporation specialized in wide range of colorants for ink, paint and plastic industry, professionally possessing flow with strong R&D, comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and much experienced sales team.

Ming Hui headquater located in WuXi, covers over 65,000 square meter, which are our R&D center and logistics center.

Ming Hui chemical factory located at Chemical Developing Zone of Lian Yun Gang City, around 100 employees, annual output is more than 3000MT.

Ming Hui is the earliest and biggest manufacturer of Metal Complex Dyes in China, we have acquired absolute approval of customers in global markets. We achieve this by providing them with an extensive range of high performance products which boast superior quality, service, delivery and competitive price.

Ming Hui “MH” brand Metal Complex Dyes with good solubility in most organic solvents, perfect penetrability, excellent light & heat stability, strong tinting, gives outstanding compatibility in most kind of resin with brilliant colors shade. Mainly used in:

      Wood Stain, Waterborne Paint
      Electronic Aluminum Foil, Hot Stamping Foil Coloring
      Printing Ink, Screen-Printing
      Stationery, Paper, Ink,
      Leather Spray Coloring, Variety of Wools and hairs dyeing etc.

To meet with environment protection and convenience for use, we developed a series of metal complex liquid type, which are water base and solvent base liquid, dyestuff content is 16%.

Ming Hui chemical's main values are quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health, our objective being a balanced satisfaction of the expectations and desires of our customers, shareholders, employees and the wider public.

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